Nanaimo Community Refugee Sponsorship Group (NCRSG)

We are one of the sponsoring groups that are closest to having a Syrian refugee family arrive in Nanaimo. We expect them to arrive within the next 5 weeks, and we may have very short notice.

As a group, we have committed to sponsoring this family, and so we are ready to purchase these things ourselves if need be. However, we are reaching out to the community (people and companies) for help in sharing the financial burden. We are a secular group of ordinary Nanaimoites, working through the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia.

“Ours” is a family of four – Mom, Dad, an 18 year (f) and a 20 year old (m). They come from Al Quasyr. Since April 2011 this once-beautiful town has been the site of horrible battles, snipers in the streets, and abductions, shooting and harassment of civilians. It is now almost obliterated. Our family escaped to Lebanon, where things aren’t all that great at this point, either..

Later, the family will be looking for work, friends, and opportunities to engage in life in Nanaimo. We expect the road will be a bit rocky now and then, but we are here to support them and our focus is on success for the family. We are excited! It’s really happening!

We hope you might have some clean, decent things, gently used or consider purchasing something new off the list. If you are a business, we would love your contributions of new items. We will be updating this list every few days.

The list is preliminary and it will change. We only want the basics at this point, later the family can select what other things they need.

If you donate something that we get duplicates of, we will be passing it into the care of the Islamic Centre, which will then pass it on to the next family that will arrive.

If you would like an income tax receipt for a significant donation, we will have to have a value put on the item, so please talk to us about it.

At this point, we don’t have clothing sizes, but we will accept clothing if it is clean, in good repair and not horribly unfashionable. We will pass on any unused clothing to the Islamic Centre for the next family

If you have or wish to donate something that’s not on the list, please contact me.

If you have something to donate, kindly contact Meg Savory 250-751-4737 (text of phone) or 250-753-6775, or use the contact form, below. We can arrange pick up or drop off.


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