Mar 3 – Korean Dinner & Celebration Fundraiser

Korean food, music, dance and more! Fundraiser for the Kalmo Refugee Support Group, to help reunite a Somali refugee family.

Saturday March 3rd , 5:00-8:30 PM (dinner at 5:30)
First Met church, 932 Balmoral Road

Adult $30, Teen $20, Child $10, Family (2 parents + child) $6

This is a fundraiser and so people are asked to pay full price if possible. However nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds. Refugee families are particularly encouraged to participate and pay what you can.

More info:

This night of Korean food, music, dance and art is a fundraiser to help the Kalmo Refugee Support Group reunite a Somali refugee family. Through a private sponsorship arrangement the Kalmo Refugee Support Group is helping Marwo Abdi, a Somali woman living in Victoria, to bring her mother, brother and two cousins to Canada from a refugee camp in Uganda. The event will also celebrate Korean cuisine and culture and provide an opportunity for people to socialize together, and learn more about refugee issues and local Korean communities.

The event is being organized by Korean community members and allies, and will include a buffet-style Korean dinner, traditional Korean music and dance, a display of traditional costumes and musical instruments, a Korean arts exhibition, and an opportunity to buy handcrafts made by Korean artists. It is open to anyone interested in Korean culture or who wants to contribute to the work of the Kalmo Refugee Support Group.

We would like to acknowledge the time that many people in our community are donating to put on this event – from cooking and postering to playing music and raising funds – and would humbly request your help in spreading the word about this benefit event. It would be thrilling to us to pack the First Met hall and show Marwo and her family that the community supports her family reunification efforts. Thank you!


The Best Thank-You from Haida Gwaii

A donor has chosen to share with us the most beautiful thank-you from a sponsorship group to which she contributed: Refugee Sponsors Haida Gwaii:

Amazingly, not everyone agrees with Trump’s “Me First” version of compassion and grace towards Muslim refugees, but there was a piece in the local paper about the efforts made by residents of the Islands Haida Gwai (just off the coast of BC) who had sponsored more refugees than they could comfortably handle and so they were appealing for financial assistance.  I joined in with others to send them help and the below lovely photos show gratitude returned ten-fold.


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