Discussion List


This email list serves as a forum to discuss issues related to refugee sponsorship and resettlement; issues such as what can we do to ensure newcomers are welcomed and assisted in integrating into their communities to avoid the risk and side-effects of alienation along the lines experienced by Muslim immigrants in France and Belgium.

It can also serve as a forum for exchanging and discussing best practices and sharing experiences.

Why an e-mail List?

Most people are comfortable communicating through emails, save for the concern about spam or being flooded by emails. A closed list like this one, prevents spam.

To prevent cluttering your regular emails, you can set up your email client to filter out all emails with “[Discussion-list]” in the Subject line and place them in a separate folder named something like “refugee discussion”.

How to join the Discussion List

There are two common ways you can subscribe to the Discussion-List mailing list: Through the web interface or, by email.

Subscribing through the web interface:

  1. Go to the list information page for this list: http://refugeesponsorship.ca/mailman/listinfo/discussion-list_refugeesponsorship.ca
  2. Look for the section marked “Subscribing to Discussion-List” and fill in the boxes. You can fill in the following:
    • You must enter your email address.
    • You may choose to supply your real name.
    • You may choose a password. If you do not choose one, one will be generated for you. Warning: Do NOT use a valuable password, since this password may be mailed to you in plain text.
  3. Press the subscribe button. A new page should appear telling you that your request has been sent.

Subscribing through the email interface:

  1. Open a mail program which sends mail from the address you want to subscribe.
  2. Send an e-mail to: discussion-list-join@refugeesponsorship.ca. The subject and body of the message will be ignored, so it doesn’t matter what you put there.

After following one of these sets of instructions (you don’t need to do both!), a moderator will need to confirm your subscription to this list, given that it is a limited list.

Once this is done, you will receive another message welcoming you to the list. This message contains some useful information including your list password and some quick links for changing your options, so you may want to save it for later reference.