Towards Settlement


Donate to Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAH)

Sponsorship agreement holders act as guarantors for the constituent groups formed under their umbrella. If a constituent group defaults on its obligations, the SAH must take over, and this can be costly. In addition, the SAH may assist sponsorship groups that are “refugee ready” save for their funding commitment in order to speed up the refugee resettlement process.

Based on their often long accumulated experience, many SAHs are in a very good position to determine how to allocate donations where they can be most effective in resettling refugees.

In Victoria, you can donate to the Anglican Diocese of BC SAH or the Inter-Cultural Association (ICA) SAH.


Donate to a Sponsorship Group

The total cost of sponsoring a family of 4 is in the order of $40,000. Depending on the parent SAH, they must raise 50% to 75% of the projected sponsorship cost and commit and demonstrate they can raise the balance, before they can even think of applying for a refugee family. This is where a donation can be invaluable, making the difference between a well-meaning group of volunteers and a refugee ready sponsorship group. See “Sponsorship Groups” to connect to a group near you.


Donate to Refugee Support Services

Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS)
Assists in the settlement and adjustment of immigrants and refugees in Canada by providing services designed to increase the newcomer’s participation in Canadian society, assisting the newcomer to overcome barriers, learn English, find jobs…

Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA)
Provides information, support and tools to help immigrants and refugees reach their goals by engaging people through networks, education and arts programming…


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