Towards International Relief


Donate to International Relief Efforts

The choice of charities is overwhelming. They differ in objectives, efficiency and many other ways and the field is not free from scammers. Research is recommended.

Here is a sampling of top rated (4 star) charities, as determined by Charity Intelligence Canada:

Doctors Without Borders (a.k.a. MSF)
Operates 6 medical facilities in northern Syria and directly supports more than 100 field hospitals and clinics throughout Syria.

Works inside Syria and neighbouring countries, handling more than 4 million Syrian refugee claims, and co-ordinating with governments for placement. It processes the majority of refugee claimants, gives them refugee status and, is overwhelmed.

Islamic Relief Canada
is running programs in Lebanon, Jordan and Eqypt covering most aspects of refugee support including welfare, protection, schools, and occupational training. It has been on the ground inside Syria since the outbreak of the civil war

Canadian Red Cross
Give immediate medical and first aid attention to refugees as soon as they arrive on shore; provide food and water to families who may have spent weeks with no access to basic needs; offer psychosocial support to migrants already scarred by the horrors of war and conflict…

World Vision Canada
Dedicated to improving the lives and futures of the world’s most vulnerable children through safe water, nutritious food, healthcare and education

..and many more…


Useful Links

Top Pick Charities helping Syrian refugees, as determined by Charity Intelligence Canada
Money Sense Rating of Top 100 Canadian Charities (scroll down to International Aid)


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