Join Sponsoring Group


Choices & factors to consider

  • Location of members: Are meetings held close by or, do you have to drive across town for every meeting?

  • Does the kind of refugee family they are supporting or wish to support align with your preferences? Syrian? Sub-Saharan African, large or small family, etc….

  • Are you comfortable with how the group addresses issues and involves its members in decision making? Consensus building? Autocratic? Laisser fair? Re-inventing the wheel? …

  • How well do you feel members, who know and rely on each other, are prepared to accept you, an outsider?

It is certainly advisable to informally chat to members and attend a couple of group meetings before making a commitment. Finding a sponsorship group with the desired characteristics, that is also accepting new members, may be a challenge requiring patience and several attempts.

See Sponsorship Groups that are already formed here.

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