What Does a Group Do?

The sponsorship group must commit to meet its settlement obligations for the duration of the settlement period, which is typically 12 months, or until the refugee family is self-sufficient, which ever comes first. In exceptional cases it could be longer. The major tasks to accomplish this are to be laid out in a settlement plan which is meant to meet the immediate financial and emotional needs of the refugee in such a way as to empower the refugee family to become self-supporting and must include provision of education and skills that will ensure independence. Settlement obligations include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting the newcomers at the airport
  • Helping the newcomers in registering with federal and provincial programs (permanent resident card; social insurance card; interim federal health certificate; MSP registration; Fair Pharmacare, etc.)
  • Arranging and providing short-term and long-term suitable accommodations
  • Food (financial assistance, meal planning if needed, where to shop..)
  • Setting up the home (furniture, food staples, school supplies, computer, etc.)
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Arranging Internet & Phone
  • Orientation to new community and settlement services
  • Arranging health care: vision, physical, dental services, mental health services
  • Arranging for the educational needs within and outside the school system
  • Language and job skill training as needed—generally referrals to services in place

Sponsorship shall include all immediate and dependent family members listed on the Application for Permanent Residence, whether they are accompanying the principal applicant to Canada or may follow later, within the One Year Window (OYW).

The sponsorship group also has ongoing obligations to its SAH:

  • Financial Summaries
  • Progress Summaries that may include:
    • issues encountered and resolved
    • short review of the family’s progress towards self-sufficiency

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