UVic course on “Refugees, Democracy, and Activism”

UVic will offer a course on “Refugees, Democracy, and Activism” in the new year, in collaboration with the Inter-Cultural Association (ICA). They have a few spaces for auditing available, and they are wanting to make those spaces available to any refugee sponsorship group members who are interested. A brief synopsis of the course is attached.

If you are a member of a refugee sponsorship group or other members of your group are interested in auditing the course, please contact Professor Budd Hall at:  bhall@uvic.ca.

Auditing spots will be limited, so I assume they will be made available on a first come, first serve basis

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Refugees, Democracy and Activism:

A course in International Community Development
January – April, 2016

Drawing on current events happening with the refugee crisis, the School of Public Administration has adapted the topics in the ADMN 200 course, which links the theory and practice of community development and activism within an international context. You will have an opportunity for an in-depth and experiential learning experience that looks at the refugee situation around the world and what we are doing about it here in Victoria.

Facilitated by Dr. Budd L Hall, an activist scholar in social movement learning and community development with the participation of key leaders with Victoria’s Intercultural Association. In addition, Dr. Nick Claxton, Tsawout First Nations, an Aboriginal Advisor to the Faculty of Education, will provide an Indigenous foundation for learning. Bruno Jayme de Oliveira, a Brazilian-Canadian activist artist and PhD candidate, will provide cultural facilitation. We will work towards a final “World We Want” performance and fund-raiser.

ADMN 200 CRN 23821 & tutorial

International Community Development
Through Activism and Capacity Building

Register in: ADMN 200, CRN 23821 and one tutorial
Schedule: Tuesdays, 10:30 – 12:20, Elliott Bldg. 061, Jan-April 2016
Instructor: Dr. Budd Hall
Calendar Description: Students will examine the role they can play to improve their communities in Canada and abroad. Topics include international community development issues and how economic disparities are threatening communities across the globe, including threats to the ecology, health, education, governance, peace, and personal rights and freedoms. Examines how individuals, non-profit organizations, governments and social movements can build capacity for change in Canada and in other countries.

For information: Contact Heather Kirkham, Program Manager at hkirkham@uvic.ca
School of Public Administration