Trading Post

The Trading Post consists of three bulletin boards:

Wanted: Where sponsoring groups can post their needs for furnishings & stuff and services

On Offer: Where volunteers and donors  can post their offers to provide services or make stuff available to the newcomers.

To enter a posting, please enter it in the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of the corresponding page. You will have to give your email to do this, but it will only be visible to the website moderator, who will then identify each posting by a number.

Bulletin Board: The aim is to combine both the “Wanted” and “On Offer” bulletin boards into one that is much easier to use and administer. It is starting out with only one forum, “Informations Exchange” to serve for exchanging everything, from gems of wisdom to household furnishings. The number of forums can readily be expanded to offer a number of forums, such as “Education”, “Transit”, “Housing”, “Culture”, etc. Anyone can view forum postings, but only registered users can post. “Refugee Sponsorship Bulletin Board” is an introduction on how to register and use the forum.