Trading Post How To

Setting up a home for a refugee family can be a challenge. This is where the Trading Post can be invaluable. It is a secure location and very convenient site to view and obtain household items for your sponsorship group and also, to post household items you wish to donate to sponsorship groups.

First you must sign up, that is, Create new account by clicking here, to ensure this trading site is used exclusively for the benefit of sponsorship groups.

The Trading Post has two lists: Available Items and Needed Items

  • To search you can click on the title at the top of each column to alphabetize the items or you can use the search option on the left side of the page
  • For more information and pictures of the items click on the name of the item
  • For all the items listed for a certain room click on the name of the room

To post an item:

  1. Click on either the option at the top of either list or go to the left side of the page and click on “Post an item”.
  2. Insert a title for your item. Make it as close to other similar items on the list as possible to make searching easier for others, ie Dining chairs, couch, desk, dresser
  3. Make sure to click in the box to choose whether you are posting in the Needed or in the Available list
  4. Insert as much detail as needed to give an accurate picture to the readers of your item into the Details box
  5. Make sure to choose your name from the Contact box by clicking on the small arrow on the right of the box and selecting your name
  6. Choose the room that the item belongs to
  7. Add a picture:
    1. NOTE: Make sure your camera settings keep the picture file under 500MB
    2. In the “Image” box under “Add a new file” click on “Choose File”. This will bring up a popup box to select a picture from your computer. Find it and click on “Open”
    3. Click on “Upload”
    4. A small icon of the picture should appear just above “Add a new file”. If it does not, make sure that there is no red alert stating the picture is too big to upload. If there is none, click on “Save” at the bottom of the page.
    5. If your picture is larger than 1000 x1000 pixels (500 KB) resize by right clicking on your file of the picture in your computer which brings up a box of choices. Click on edit and look for “resize”. Click on it. This should bring up another box. Click on pixels and insert “900” in the empty box beside “horizontal”. This will automatically populate the vertical box. Click on “OK” which will close that box. Save the image and restart the process as above.
  8. To Edit or delete your entry:
    1. Click on your entry in the appropriate List
    2. Click on the tab at the top that says “Edit”
    3. Change whatever you would like and click on “Save” at the bottom or go directly to the bottom, click on the RED “Delete” button. If you chose to delete, you will be asked again whether you want to delete before it is irreversible.

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